this reminds me of mixing entanglement between spins: https://abdymok.substack.com/p/mixing-entanglement-between-spins?utm_source=%2Fsearch%2Fno%2520fly%2520zone&utm_medium=reader2

z decided during the fall of 2021 to disregard detailed warnings of an imminent all-out russian invasion. at the time, russian agents were in charge of ukraine's state security service (one of the reasons the invaders were able to waltz in to melitopol, berdiansk, kherson and mariupol). team usa *could have* set up a no fly zone in early 2022, but prob wanted z to eject the russian agents running his security services first. that only happened in july.

i just checked the archive. we called on uncle joe, olaf and emmanuel to put together a no-fly zone on day 2. https://abdymok.substack.com/p/russias-further-invasion-day-2?utm_source=%2Fsearch%2Fno%2520fly%2520zone&utm_medium=reader2

to no avail.

there's no sense/time recapitulating past screw ups, missed opportunities. maybe set up a *safe zone* now, expanding it daily to include liberated areas in southern and eastern ukraine?

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This is me being a Monday morning QB... nato, ala the west, missed its chance when after the Ukraine had repelled the invaders to set up a no fly zone west of Kiev for Ukrainian non combatants 9elderly, children, etc.) to have a safe zone. Instead they kowtowed to Putin's empty threats of nuclear annihilation.

well now what to do ? if america and china are righteous and morally driven world leaders the America would collar Zelensky and China would take Putin by the ear and force a cease fire followed by negotiations where both parties lose something besides citizens and soldiers---but worse than a Monday morning Quarterback is an idealist... fact is the duopoly in the hands of a corrupt Biden whose family at the very least (who is the Big guy) has been sucking at the tit of global influence peddling or Xi whose ready to extend his despotic rule over taiwan and hong kong well in the next year or two or 50 (china is patient) have no interest in seeing this war ending.---Checkmate Machiavelli -- and that's so fucking sad but its also so fucking true.

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