Ahh! your niece Verite! Bravo---so cool and so talented! During covid a doctor friend in manhattan brought over his LA friend who is leader/vocalist and creative energy of September Mourning--metal band--both wanted me to teach them how to trade sotcks and bonds. Meanwhile, I secretly wanted them to teach me how to be a rock star and a doctor! Anyhow--Emily Lazar--has created a whole character, nfts and graphic comics around her music. ..self made and creative like your niece.

Never understood the GS controversy as I always thought of him as the superstar trader and personal freedom champion---but I guess money is fungible and when you give a shitload of it away to multiple causes not all can turn out well. Typical of all desired corrections- in this case justice reform- the pendulum always seems to swing too far in the other direction. Hence, the shopping sprees in the inner cities where the refrain is "I got to eat" while stuffing a couple of IPHONES in one's bag is the latest hobby. Hopefully, the next correction won't go too far in the opposite direction although I bet it will.

As always, I pray that you and your daughter remain safe and thank you for your daily blog that reminds me it is important to Know the Darkness in order to really appreciate the Light in this world.

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