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I am off social media for R&R except you. Yup. They effed it up, looked like clowns and jerks and no Immunity for your object of hate often filtered specifically with orange tint. Thus Cheetoh had a bad day. Incompetent lying Mayorkas deserves impeachment. I would resign if I had to implement a psych policy I knew was total bullshit My son would be so embarrassed and ashamed of me.

I detest cockroaches but I pity them. God made them, there is a reason they exist. I will stomp a 🪳but I now feel badly that I must.

I have a call with my therapist. It’s either being scammed out of chump change that is NOT chump change or it could be that learning that half of the Israeli hostages are dead per the IDF. Who unlike drooling Joe and it’s over Nikki.

BS Border bill. Scope out HR 2 and track it Petya. It is a sloppy cut and paste. Those Asswipes made it a crap template because they are lazy or corrupt.

Fill me in on my country.

There will be blood between the illegals and the citizens (even moderates).Probably Chicago. The brothers and sisters are more than hangry. Wait 25 years for services and the illegals get them? Brace for severe beat downs.

Thank you traitors Biden and Mayorkas and you lying sack of shit Press Sect.

Go to MSLSD already honey. You’re not very bright though so I guess you will become a footnote like corrupt Hillary Asswipe Joe, Barak Sotero Obama.

My pronouns today are Ezekiel/Prophet.

Ezekiel was a mighty man of God.

I have prayed a hedge of protection that is enhanced and your own personal Dome. Stesh included. Felines too. You can add to it. You and our mutual friend are permitted as are my accountability partners. I account to mine(weekly appointment for as long as it takes for me to show her my ugly stuff and to me for her to do the same, pray a lot and swap funny Monterey stories) on Thursday like every Thursday.

I will journey until I know I will not deliberately treat another like a cheap traffic cone.

Until tomorrow? Agape love from the flyover part of Illinois to my buddy and his family in Kyiv.

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