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Exactly what I needed today. He really needs to hang out in that sunny spread he owns. Maybe you could help improve his stride? And Stesh and anyone you want or need there for your own mild SAD My pronouns today are: Corrupt and Compromised.

My spirit animal is Ingo the Flamingo who sadly passed away this week. A resident since 1948, Ingo was beloved. A photo of Ingo in the snow was in my hold baggage of the best stuff. That photo was framed. The Meissen, Crystal, Agitprop posters, the chashki with swirls of silver and gold leaf with elegant carafe, the Jil Sander cashmere coat that cost practically my entire bonus to extend in USAREUR, etc. I am still pissex off some greedy jerk stole that priceless photo of Ingo. Great picture!

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