I have a hypothesis that Putin has no interest in Kyiv or the broader Ukraine.

However, he has a major interest in the Black Sea coastline as the Black Sea is a potential pipeline route from the Middle East to Europe.

I think Russia want control of Odessa and all the ports and potential pipeline landing sites.

Putin already has a grip of Syria, Assad is only in power by grace of Putin’s military support.

Turkey is then the lynchpin, and we have seen plenty of attempts to oust Erdogan include full blown coup attempts.

This whole timeline stretches back to the seizure of Georgia and then following the Shia Crescent, the social media fuelled Arab Spring, Crimea, the Syrian civil war, ISIS, the Soleimani assassination.

This is all the same war.

All initiated by Putin’s regime.

It’s about Russia blocking off all of the natural pipeline routes between Middle East and Europe and filling the region with S300’s and S400’s to block future US air supremacy.

It’s wrong to assume Russia is bluffing.

They moved their military in on every other chapter of this story.

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https://bit.ly/3Jls5vK putin either obsessed w/ ukraine or obsessed about faking that he's obsessed w/ ukraine

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