With my in-laws about 15 minutes from the Russian border and my fondness for the Latvian people and their ability to punch above their weight for a country of 1.8 mln, I am no fan of Putin or his aggressiveness. My view is that the West if had any sense or balls would have provided the Ukraine with all the offensive firepower to crush Russia (and Nato enact a no fly zone for West of Kyiv) upon the end of the first phase of the conflict as you call it. All I heard from those who would give me an audience was how we (Europe and US) needed to tread carefully or our actions might initiate a World War---Jesus Christ(forgive me Father)--don't these people have any understanding of history.

As far as the journalists---well when my daughter showed me her employment contract for one outfit she was writing for I knew that profession was doomed. It had all these bonuses for number of clicks your piece would get. WTF--long live sensationalism and shitty reporting about Taylor Swift chasing that Kansas City Chief's Tight end....

Finally, Trump vs Biden---the last 2 presidential elections---I proudly used my apathy to not vote. My vote would have been a vote against someone, not for someone. And seriously, again these 2---it's as the country is stuck in Bill Murray's Groundhog day movie--but except instead of improving the candidates we keep voting for/against the same clowns.. Obviously, I"m procrastinating starting to write my business plan for 2024!

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The aid to the Ukraine from the U.S. will arrive but it will never be enough to win the war-not this $100 bln or the next until the West gives Ukraine modern offensive weapons including jets. In the meantime, all $100 bln really means is that hundreds of thousands more die. Maybe Russia will tire of combat or Putin will be removed, but beyond that happening ,more generations will be decimated. Allies and friends should tell their friends the truth---and this is what the West owes to the Ukrainian. The truth that due to our reluctance and fear of sparking a larger conflict, we will provide you only the necessary weaponry to continue in endless combat.--but not win. Sorry friends.

Notwithstanding the liberal media's stance that the evil MAGA's are holding aid hostage for border security, it seems political malpractice to me that Biden does not make the deal. His non-existent border policy is killing him with independents and moderate democrats. Even the liberal Governor and mayor of New York are criticizing the Biden administrations southern border sieve. He could point to a "deal" as big win. Needed aid for Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel and he takes the heat off his handling of the border--- But both parties seem content just to cower to their extreme, but loud-mouthed minorities at this point.

Read both the opinion pieces in the NYTimes and WSJ -- balance! Also the former editor of NY Times opinion page wrote a 60,000 word essay about his sacking for publishing the Tom Cotton oped.... journalism is in trouble---and don't take a conservative's view. Luckily there are liberals speaking out against the illiberal left and its suppression of countervailing opinions, political correctness, and DEI nutty policies... Bill Mahar, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan., Michael Schellenberger....except for the comic all on substack now

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