Sadly for Ukraine the best case is if border/Israel passes. Silly as Biden has authority to handle border. Speaker is committed to secure border. Biden woods he cannot. He most certainly can. So consider blaming the douchebag at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The one whose son managed to die at Walter Reed of brain cancer and simultaneously was killed in combat. In Iraq. Just like our 3 dead soldiers and scores with life changing injuries. That piece of shit. Old creepy with little girls , caressing and sniffing their hair and “Doctor” Jill who teaches at a shit community college in Delaware That creep who actually hung out with KKK. The guy who called men in crime infested black neighborhoods “animals. First gaslighting the uninformed now fully propagandized to hate Trump. He’s a piece of work but the policies worked. So call him Pussy Grabber or whatever gives you a jolly. I’m voting for RFK Jr. far worse potential for Ukraine as Bobby is an isolationist. Perhaps be upset that Biden has fucked shut up so badly here that I expect violence between blacks in Chicago vs the illegals. All the money we do not have is going to give them all the Bennie’s we locals can’t get. Elderly and veterans on the streets, illegals in the shelters. Inverted. From all over the world except Oz. For now. Perhaps direct your fire to the regime that repeatedly strings you along, jerking you around with promises of more firepower. And then doesn’t want to offend. Were I you, I would be frustrated and furious at this crap administration. Had they done right by Ukraine, we could be enjoying a beer and other goodies in Kyiv. Btw - I love you a whole lot my complicated Petya.

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