Because he’s an asshole.


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Umm ,,, I got dropped to be a dying cockroach in Basic, but I'm a maggot? Poor Critt supporting Nikki: it's over. SC results will embarrass.Whatever. I voted for the guy twice, but worse yet, I only did it for Mike Pence. HRC nightmare - we would have been sent to Leavenworth for far less and the bitch is trying to make sure racist BO cant' read her sleazy ass shit. Or sh'es just lazy,

If Bobby is assassinated as "How dare you" bellicose Joe shit-for brains-forgets that live he fucked that shit up at least 6 times.

None of my business? I pay your salary, you doddering loser! Dementia city with plastic a wife who permits this. Tell me she loves him, Tell me MAGA and the Republicans are to blame for anything that goes wrong. Much simpler than seeing obvious incompetence and a culture of corruption.

I expect an apology. Not for anyone except for me and my son. Who is a genius and DEFINITELY MAGA.

I can handle pussy grabber because I thought it was funny - laughed and spit out my coffee. Still funny.

But this paintbrush MAGA shit disappoints me, Is Critt your analyst, the man I persuaded to cast a vote even if he voted Biden or even Tlaib or horrid Omar just someone he thought could do the job that he liked.

Supposedly it's a free country. But apparently folks like me who are so sad that Toby Keith died, and so angry that the border is still open, well, we are disgusting and unfit to associate with the likes of you the compassionate akademiks. Ken, my bestie guy at TBerg well it took hours before he was ok with even a visit. Like we were lice or maggots or something. We'll be kind and not wear our red hats. Tacky. I want everyone to do well. Not special groups. Everyone.

So, how do I unsubscribe or kick me off? Because I will not tolerate this hateful garbage. You remind me of Critt who told me to read Liz Cheney's self-serving book and get back to him. I thought the point was understanding the other perspective. Funny how he refused mine and an amended offer of 4 painful books for the other to read - I expected specimens like that proven liar Adam Schiff. Radio silence but he's not in great shape.


ranks below Tlaib and Omar. I have more respect for hangry ratchet bald lady - Busch? - and fire alarm puller.

Sick of KKK Joe's lies and Kama the eternally medicated fuck the shit up and have crap Press Sec lie and get snotty, At least Tschotschke was smart.

I'm out Petya. Write as you feel. I will always love you btw, I hope all goes well for you. You are quite brave with a dash of FU and gorgeous occasional sentimentality and are as funny as hell.

But this isn't funny. Perhaps I'm just cranky, but the less agita the better. I'm out. You just cannot expect me to take that crap. AND i want Robert F; Kennedy Jr. to be a competent POTUS and deserving to be CIC. He'll certainly be an improvement over the spacehead puppet of the Lead From Behind (impossible) Dearest Leader hair sniffing, teleprompter stuttering Joe.

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